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Baltarusijoje vyks kasmetinės paukščių stebėtojų varžybos

Rugsėjo 7-ąją dieną baltarusių ornitologų draugija APB (Birdlife Belarus) organizuoja paukščių stebėtojų varžybas. Šiais metais varžybos planuojamos pietvakarinėje Baltarusijos dalyje, Bresto srityje. APB kviečia Lietuvos paukščių stebėtojus suburti komandą ir atvykti išbandyti savo jėgas ir žinias varžybose, kurios šiais metai vyks ornitologiniu požiūriu itin įdomioje teritorijoje. Norintys dalyvauti privalo užsiregistruoti iki rugsėjo 1-osios dienos.

 Plačiau apie šias varžybas galite paskaityti APB interneto svetainėje:

Žemiau rasite anglišką varžybų taisyklių versiją: 

Rules of the XV Open Belarusian Birdrace, 
1. Each team consists of 4 people, at least half of the team must be over 18. Each team informs the organizing committee about the name, members of the team, age of members, start place and contact number (mobile). The team's composition may not change after the start of the Birdrace.
 2. Winner - the team which from 6.00 to 18.00 on the day of the competition registers the highest number of wild birds in the wild on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
3. The team could use any kind of transport, but all members of the team should stay at the same car during transportation. 
4. During all Birdrace all team members should be at the distance of the voice contact.
5. It is also possible to have on the board some other persons (driver, journalist and observer(s)), but only members of the team could search and identify the birds.
6. Only a species, seen/heard by all members of the team, are counted. The species which are registered by voice/call are indicated with a special mark. 
7. The team informs by phone the organizing committee about the registration of the 20th and each subsequent 10th species in the following order: team, species number, species name. 
8.  It is not allowed to use playbacks, mistnets and any other equipment apart from binoculars, telescopes and field guides.
9.  It is not allowed to flash, disturb or to do specially anything that might prevent the observation of birds by other teams.
10. By 18.00 all teams have to report to the organizing committee by phone or SMS final quantity of birds on team’s list. For every five-minutedelay the team loses one species from its list. 
11. Till 18.45 each team must senda full list of species with indication of the name of the locality (lake, settlement, etc) where every species was recorded with quantity of individuals of the species during the first registration. The species list must be kept in the chronological or systematic order, in Belarusian, Russian or Latin. The bird list can be faxed, emailed (scanned/photographed).
12. The organizing committee announces the winners on the same day, and informs all teams about the results. In case when several teams have the same number of species, team which finished the first, wins. 
13. All arguments are settled by the Jury. The Jury may ask members of the teams for clarifications.
14. The organizing committee/Jury may send an observer to any of the teams.
15. The decision of the Jury is final.

Deadline for Registration of the teams is 18.00, Sunday, September 1, 2019.
Please, send data about your team to email:  

Mobile phone for the registration of species during Birdrace (point 7 of Rules): +375-292-23-06-13
Phone (fax): +375-17-265-08-11

Reti stebėjimai

Numenius phaeopus
Calidris falcinellus
Saxicola rubicola LOFK
Circaetus gallicus
Motacilla cinerea LOFK
Anser albifrons
Ixobrychus minutus
Ixobrychus minutus
Motacilla cinerea LOFK
Emberiza calandra